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 “Clear objectives!"


The Board of directors and our business associates/membership base make this affirmation. 


The professional drivers in North America will be the individuals that take responsibility for our Industry. It will be our leaders and dedicated following that takes the credit for changing our business.


It will be our hard work and persistence that improves trucking for everyone. We want the drivers to be recognized for positive change, and the results that come from that change. Law enforcement agencies or government programs, nor the FMCSA should be correcting any of our industries problems.


  We need Men and Women who understand the trucking industry and the trials that professional drivers endure to make decisions for or business.  It will be our nation’s truckers that become the shining example of what it means to be professional truck drivers.


 We will care about everyone. "Solutions must benefit all. Or it’s not a solution, it is part of the problem.” The Drive for Freedom will be the difference.

 Here is how:


1) Reduce the amount of unnecessary deaths in North America. Caused by poor driving habits, neglect and lack of quality training for both CDL and less professional licensee’s.


2) Significantly reduce as many unnecessary accidents in North America as possible. By going beyond what has been considered acceptable CDL training.  We will introduce more industry problem class material.

The NAPDA (North American Professional Driving Academy) will offer courses to our nation’s professional drivers and those that are less professional. That has not been available to date.


3) Make certain that drivers are protected against companies that have poor maintenance practices. Drivers have been the victim of circumstance, after reporting maintenance issues to their respective companies. They are often ignored. Drivers are often fined when repairs are not addressed. This causes long-term license suspensions. This disrupts many lives.


4) Make certain Owner Operators benefit from fair and reasonable rates to haul America's goods. Many brokerage firms have decimated smaller trucking companies and our independent operators by allowing the rates to haul Americas goods to drop well below acceptable prices. In addition, to increase our company drivers living wage. Which is currently far below the poverty level in most cases considering the cost of daily living.


 5) Address the cost of business across the board for Americas companies.  By asking company owners to adopt the Drive for freedom philosophy into their business model. To decrease fixed costs, variable costs and semi-variable costs.


 6) Make certain that those who regulate our nations drivers recognize that we are taking steps to improve safety across the board. If we take responsibility for our trade, we can reduce regulation and restore some of the freedoms we have lost. 


7)  Provide retention solutions to companies if they would like the service. This will be offered at no cost to the corporation.


8) Boost morale by way of instilling and stressing the importance of treating everyone in our nation on a daily basis with utmost respect every day, regardless of circumstance.


*9)  Lift the spirits of our nation’s truckers. To feel a strong sense of purpose and value. First as a person, then as an employee. Drivers must be compensated fairly for their service. This includes addressing wait times for pick-ups and drop-offs. The driver’s time is as valuable as our nations shippers and receivers.*


 10)  To Partner and offer our members retirement incentives. We have that plan in place and it is being implemented now.


11)  Reduce the amount of stress caused by drivers in the industry. Who have acquired poor habits, such as constantly parking rigs at fuel islands, littering, and general disrespect for fellow drivers? To instill the importance of treating truck stop employees with kindness and make certain this is reciprocated.


 12) Work with insurance companies on driver forgiveness programs. So we can make certain that good drivers are not labeled for life, for minor infractions. If they are repeat offenders for violations? The DFF will have programs to work with drivers to correct their ways. Therefore, they can have a long lasting and fulfilling career.


13)  Address the gross misconduct of the Motoring public.


14) Work with drivers through compassion and understanding and get them going in a positive direction. Many personal issues have subsequently placed unwanted strain on themselves, families, their employers, customers and the public. Whether it is a death, divorce, financial strain, thoughts of suicide, anger from life's trials & tribulations. We will do this by implementing the (DSS) Driver Support System.


15) To protect all of our nations professional drivers against unfair business practices with respect to "Lease Purchase Programs" and seek much more transparency in how those contracts are presented to the driver. To Make certain our truck drivers are financially successful for the benefit of them and their families. Not just for the benefit of those that employ them. Far too many Professional drivers have had their livelihood taken from them with nothing to show for all the effort and dollars spent. This must change.


"The choice is ours. We can either do the same thing we have all been doing for years. Alternatively, you can step forward like proud professionals and make a difference. If we do nothing we will get the same results." 


 CEO & Founders Brian & Jenny Ann Carlson


*If you or your Company would like to contribute to the Drive for Freedom. Locate this option on the "Find Us" Page of our Website.


People ~ Problem solve ~ Application ~ Success.


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