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 Welcome Home.


Now that you are here, we would like you to know that the DFF wishes to concentrate its efforts on drivers taking responsibility for their own industry and improving each others lives instead of focusing on just ourselves.


 Many problems have plagued our Industry. The Foundation wishes to offer solutions to problems. To Reach out to responsible drivers and have them work collectively to correct issues that trouble us as drivers and our families.


Not one single person or entity has all the answers. But a collaboration of like minded people can achieve a great deal. Keep an open mind as you view the site. We want you to feel comfortable when visiting. Not feel overwhelmed with commercialization, that often leaves individuals with more of the same feeling.


"Is it about me and what they can do for us as professional drivers? Or more about what they can take from me?" 


This is for you the individual to decide for yourself. The DFF is not selling anything. We are offering a different way of life in hopes of contributing in some small way. Which we hope, will impact many in a way they will never forget.


"The choice is ours. We can either do the same thing we have all been doing for years. Alternatively, you can step forward like proud professionals and make a difference. If we do nothing we will get the same results." 


 People ~ Problem solve ~ Application ~ Success.


All the best to you and yours, Founder and Chairman,

Brian & Jenny Ann Carlson


Thank you for visiting the Drive For Freedom.

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